What Is An Electric Rubber Stamp?

The electric stamp is a mixture of printer and rubber stamp. In contrast to conventional rubber stamp, the stamp image is not achieved with an ink pad but is “printed” fully automatically on the object with special plates and special ink. 

This creates a print image that meets the highest requirements. The stamp and the ink used together are highly effective on almost any surface. Even metal and plastic can be printed with these electric stamping machines. 

In addition, the electric stamp is very durable, robust, flexible, and easy to use. These properties make the stamp particularly interesting for heavy professional use. 

Areas of application for the automatic stamp 

Due to its ideal properties, the electric stamp is very popular in stamping on incoming goods. There are many different work steps here, all of which must be documented: Newly arrived goods must be quickly added to the inventory control system and moved to their correct place in the warehouse. The goods (pallets, boxes, individual items) must, of course, be provided with all important information, such as the receipt number, date and time, as well as a barcode. With an electric stamp, this work is done without great effort, and the nice thing is that the electric stamp automatically updates the date and time. 

A conventional stamp would quickly reach its limits with the various requirements and materials.  

Areas of application for the electric stamp are, for example: 

  • Warehousing 
  • Production 
  • Outgoing goods and logistics 
  • Goods tracking 
  • Quality assurance systems for compliance with the food chain 
  • Administration and document management (e.g., filing of documents, marking of mail items) 

What design options are there for the print image? 

The possible print image depends on the respective electric stamp model. Every electric stamp can easily print the date, time, and consecutive numbers. Some models are provided with a text plate, which means that logos and graphics can also be printed. 

The print image can be designed easily and individually using software on the PC. 

How does the electric stamp work? 

An electric stamp does not use classic stamping ink but alcohol-based ink. This property ensures that the paint dries particularly quickly. In addition, the print image is generated using jet ink technology (continuous inkjet). These two features together ensure that surfaces made of plastic and metal can also be printed on. 

Handling the electric stamp is easy and does not require any complicated training. 

Choosing the right electric stamp 

There is the right automatic stamp for every need, but sometimes the decision can be difficult. If you need help choosing the most suitable electric stamp for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Based on your individual needs, we can suggest suitable models.  

Lisa Bui

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