Two Writing Tips For Writing SEO Articles

What distinguishes SEO articles from other forms of written content? While there is some overlap with other sorts of articles, SEO articles are created primarily to enhance your business’s exposure on Google for essential keywords. When producing SEO content, there are several guidelines to follow that might help you rank higher. However, most of the advice on creating SEO content is akin to reading a Macbeth spellabook. Overcomplicating things are common, and most of the advice is inconsistent or untested.  

Our advice is to stick to these four recommendations and not to worry too much. Because Google is quite intelligent, the best thing to do is to focus on making your material as relevant to your target market as possible.  


When creating an SEO post, the first step is to conduct some thorough keyword research. Find out what words and search queries people are using on Google and keep track of how frequently they are used every month. This indicates how competitive a keyword is. Keywords with hundreds or thousands of searches each month are very competitive. You’ll have to work hard to get your content on page one for these phrases. Longer or more specialized keywords, on the other hand, get fewer searches and are less competitive. They are also more likely to be more specialized to your business, attracting a more appropriate readership. Make a diverse list of suitable keywords for posts, with monthly searches ranging from 10 to 50 hits. This is a good starting point.  


You should not be overly concerned with keyword placement in SEO content. Some argue that you must utilize the term precisely X amount of times. Others believe it should account for 2% to 3% of your article’s overall word count.  

There is no evidence to show that this has any effect. What matters is that your keyword appears in the title of your post, as well as in the first and last paragraphs, although even this is not a hard and fast rule. In some pieces, the keyword may appear half a dozen times, while in others, it may appear only twice. Be natural and don’t force the topic.  

Even more essential, the content of your SEO post should be related to the term you’ve picked. If you’re going to utilize the term spring planting ideas for sandy soil, make sure your content is about it. It is not a good idea to produce generic text and then tries to sneak in a keyword by stealth, since this will not work. Even if you are successful in fooling Google, which is improbable, you are unlikely to acquire a relevant readership.  

Also, make certain that your keywords are read naturally. Many search keywords are not appropriate for direct reproduction in sentences. Things acceptable to change it up a little so that it’s reasonable. Remember that it is the consumers you attract to your content, not the Google search bots, who will eventually keep your business viable, so put user-friendliness at the forefront of your concerns while writing.  

Ashton Maygarden

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