Steps and Tips of Name Card Designing

Growing your business does not only mean that you need to have an impressive advertising and marketing campaign. You also have to be able to engage in advantageous business relationship that may help you expand your business and lead you to more opportunities as you go.

One of the ways you can do this is by using a name card as a tool to help you introduce yourself and give out contact information for the people you engage in a one on one conversation with.

A name card can truly create a certain image for yourself as well as the company or business you represent. That’s why the design of it is really important. So, here are a few things that you have to remember as you design a name card. To find out more, please visit to find out the details.

1. Design For Business

It is more appropriate for a name card to have a design layout that can communicate with the reader about what kind of business that it represent. It can be shown by the theme and other elements that is shown on the name card design. People should be able to tell what kind of company that you represent and the general idea of the line of work just by seeing the aesthetic of the name card. That’s why you should definitely make the right decisions in the design of the name card including the colors, images, graphics, fonts, and others.

You have to create different kind of name card if you represent two different jobs or companies. Don’t mix them up by using one name card for all, and definitely don’t design it generic. You can utilize the two sides of a name card for two different designs if you wish to save money as well as space for this purpose.

2. Design Options

When you are satisfied enough with the concept of design that you have in mind, then you can finally get on the real designing process and make your concept come true.

In this step, creativity is the key for creating a good name card. At the same time you should also have a good sense about which should be included in the design and looks good and which should not because they don’t make a good visual for your name card.

As you design, you should also have already known what is the size of the name card that you want to print in as well as its shape especially if you plan to make a unique shaped name card. After that, you should also determine the kind of paper stock you want, whether you want it to be a lightweight paper that is thin and result in a lighter stack of name card that can fit a lot more at a time or a heavyweight paper that is thicker and more durable as well as looking more professional.

As you design , you have to also pay attention to things like bleed area, the resolution of your design base on Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing, and the color processing that you use for it. Ideally, you should design using CMYK colors because you will print in CMYK. Designing and printing using the same color process can help you achieve color results that are precise and accurate.

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