Graphic Design Trends in 2021

As a designer, you may already know how important it is to keep up with the latest visual trends out there in order to stay relevant in social media and digital advertisement. Those things that used to be great back in 2020 may have lost its special touch this year. 2021’s trends are focusing on people and its feelings, trying to catch their attention and appealing to their emotions. Once again, natural elements and classical symbols have made its appearance too, but with a little twist. 

  1. Pop art 

Some things do not really change, and we could apply that to pop art and comic book designs. It has become a classic that never goes out of style. Everybody loves it, hence why they keep coming back from the past all the way to the present. The combination of heavy inking and strong colors have made its comeback once again for those that love vintage-style ads, including pop art’s peculiar typo. 

  1. Psychedelia 

This one’s not new, since it has been around since the 60’s, but it has increased its use a lot this year. Using creative experimentation as an inspiration, these abstract designs are colorful, and it does certainly catch everyone’s attention. Of course, it all depends on the artistic hand behind the design, but they are free to have fun with their resources. Designers are allowed to use their creativity freely and create such astonishing patterns. 

  1. Symbols  

Again, this may not be something groundbreaking, but symbols and icons are slowly making their comeback stronger than ever. Many graphic designers are including them on their work to create motivational or empowerment creations, which will immediately have a connection with many people. These symbols are frequently used because they could express feelings or ideas without even having to read text.  

  1. Blended colors  

Designers truly have a way with colors. 2021’s latest trend has everyone admiring gradients colors and transitions, but most designers are having fun with their blurry and blended colors on designs. But why is it so popular? It allows to make certain elements inside a design to pop into our eyes, making us pay attention to the details the artist wants us to look and to leave all rest behind. Combining this technique with a bold typography’s another thing designers tend to do as well. Plus: Grainy textures are a must too! 

  1. Using nature  

There is no doubt that socially conscious designs have been trending lately, but the use of natural elements inside a pattern has become very popular this past year. Because of the pandemic, we have spent most of our time alone and at home, which made us miss green spaces filled with fresh air. Graphic designers are no exception to the rule, and they tend to transmit this through their art by including an earth-toned color scheme or amazing visuals of natural places. These designs are mostly focusing on giving serenity and calmness to those that appreciate their art. 

Kevin Vargas

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