All About the Viral L’Oréal’s Infallible Fresh Wear!

Many of us spend hours and hours searching the net looking for the perfect product which makes our face look flawless and not cakey at all. If you are looking for a foundation that is both weightless and feels fresh while it also gives you full coverage, then you should probably need to keep reading.

Everybody has been talking about it and it even has become TikTok viral. Many beauty gurus and beauty bloggers have been testing it out and the results seem to be astonishing. What is even more amazing about this foundation in a powder is that it is very cheap, which makes it affordable for everyone who would love to test it.

But is it worth the hype? Is it really that good? Should you try it out too? Brandcosme [ブランドコスメ] is here to help!

What’s the hype all about?

The product has been launched earlier this year and has been doing really good since then because of the Internet hype. A lot of beauty vloggers and TikTok beauty gurus have been feeding this product in order to test it out and see how good their coverage is. In case you haven’t seen any of their videos yet, they show how their face looks before and after they try out the product so we can see how well their coverage is and how it feels in their skin.

Let’s compare!

Not only their coverage is amazing, but it is also not expensive at all! This L’Oréal’s foundation is cheap in comparison to other brands’ similar products, which is a plus for everyone who would like to look good on a budget. For example, Fenty Beauty foundations are great, but you could get the same result by buying L’Oréal’s Infallible Fresh Wear foundation for only half the prize too!

Does it really work for every type of skin?

It is well known inside the beauty world that those people that have oily skin tend to have trouble finding the perfect foundation for themselves. L’Oréal product promises that their product will make you feel comfortable for hours (which means it will not look cakey and heavy on your face) and it is meant to give you the same coverage a liquid foundation usually does. It is recommended that those who have oily skin prep their face and moisture it properly before putting the product on, which will both look and feel better on their skin. For those that have sensitive skin, the product doesn’t cause any irritation too, so you should try it out too!

Remember that your face should be well-prepped before applying the foundation!

What is best about this product is that it even comes with its own sponge applicator inside, so there is no need for you to blend it with other brushes. Overall, the foundation stays in its place for most of the day and sometimes it does not even need touchups, but in case you need it, you could just carry the foundation around on your purse during the day!

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