How rich is Ying Yang Twins?


An Atlanta based hip hop duo, famous for sexual, celebration and relationship music. Their music especially focuses on hot and sexy statement. Or, can be counted and heard like vulgar sort music. Ying Yang Twins are a group, which includes two brothers, specifically Kaine and D Roc. The duo made their debut in 2000 and triumphed to acquire recognition in 2003. After that, his popularity reached rather higher degree in 2004 and 2005 from the aid of celebration singles called What Is Happnin, Salt Shaker, Badd and Milkshake. D-Rock can also be a TV star of the show named Storage Hunters, where he can be viewed as performing the function of alter ego. After assembly with the Atlanta hip hop musician called Lil Jon, they seemed collaborating with him for TVT records. Street The Return became fairly successful on the list of hip hop fans in the southern Usa. Next, the group came out with the album called Kings of Crunk alongside Lil Jon. The record a amount became reach on nightclub and radio. Not only this, their first record named Me & My Brothers became successful to certify platinum on 12 April 2005. The duet confidence, increased in the three hit numbers called What Is Happening, Nagging and Salt Shaker. Same year they got opportunity to appear in Britney Spears record called In the Zone. D Roc and his brothers Da Birthday Boy and Mr Weeny created a group in 2005. The group was named Da Muzicianz and established the first single called Camera Phone. Later, their fifth record Chemically Imbalanced was establish in 2006. This record was the end product of the cooperation between twins and producers Keith Duplessis and Wyclef Jean. Afterwards, Twins came up with their mixtape The official work. They created several examples and experiences, some of the important events, facts and remarkable things are presented as follows. The Song was sung live by twins brother during the success of parade. Not only this, this tune was used in Madden NFL 11 and NFL Street 2. They found their superb success record on November 3, 2009. The record contains reach amounts like What Happinin, Shake and Wait(The Whisper Song). They signed with Epic Records on June 29, 2012, which they declared formally with their twitter. Their Music Genres are Southern, hip hop and crunk. Their compilation albums are renowned standing: Ying Yang Twins, Gumbo Vol.1 and Gumbo Vol. 2. Mixtapes are The Official Work, The ReMix Tape, Butt in session and Twurk Or Perish. Their hot videos and pictures are available at WWW. Their lovers can remain together at twitter and Facebook. But, for dependable and updated source consistently remain with