How rich is Vanessa L. Williams?


Vanessa Williams is a vocalist, performer and a fashion model. She’s one daughter with Rick. She divorced Rick after the images of him embracing another girl was printed by, ‘The National Enquirer’. Shortly after the image was printed, there were lots of rumors about divorce. She speaks a lot about her youth. She said that she was mistreated by another girl when she was 10 years old. She also became pregnant when she was in high school and chosen for an abortion. She said that she also posted bare after the photographer assured her that he wouldn’t print the images. Her mom said that Rick had not been mature enough to manage the relationship with a star. Rick filed for the parting publically before notifying to his wife. There are not any details as when he really told her that he’s becoming separated from her. Rick never gave any reason for the parting. Vanessa also said that she failed to understand about the separation and the primary reason. She said he told her that his prime focus would be their daughter. The sources near to her weren’t surprised by this result. After the wedding, they spent lots of time, away from each other, due to several reasons. It was said that Rick had not been able to manage this long distance relationship. Some say that Rick was on the brink of retirement and Vanessa was at the pinnacle of her career. This conflicted with his egotism and he could not stand being second in the relationship. There are not any signs to show this rationale. Rick had not been understood to have had a girlfriend during and after the separation. So, infidelity had not been the basis for the parting. Vanessa was also not understood to have cheated on him with a secret boyfriend. She was also not dating anyone during the time of the parting. This relationship failed to have enough signs to be shown. In 2006, she declared that she was dating Rob Mack. She never remarked about her relationship with Rob and how matters are going between them. There’s no news about betrothal or break up and so, it’s presumed that their relationship is secure. She had not been seen with another man after them, which gives a robust signs that she’s still in a relationship with Rob. Rob never remarked with this relationship.