How rich is Val Kilmer?


He was born in California, in Los Angeles region. He began to play with Top Secret film in the year 1984. After doing many supporting characters in different films, he got his breakthrough role in the year 1991 where he played as the rock star called Jim Morrison in the Oliver Stones Picture referred to as The Doors. After doing Batman Forever, he did a sequence of distinct films and his voice was used or the Prince of Egypt animated movie and later he starred in The Salton Sea. Val Kilmer was born in the year 1959 and his dad is a property developer and aerospace equipment provider. He began to behave at a young age, before he even finishes his high school jointly with a buddy called Kevin Spacey. He went to Hollywood Professional School and to Julliard School of Nyc. Then, he was the youngest pupil who was admitted to study in Drama Division. Val Kilmers filmography also contains the films in which he was impersonating the American stars like gunslinger Doc Holliday with Tombstone picture and the Elviss nature in the True Romance. This can be the time in his career that Kilmer got the standing he is a tough man in regards to working with him. In the year 1996, he was the costar of Michael Douglas for the film The Ghost and The Darkness. Val Kilmers life off the display is something fascinating to the media and he’s kept the media on its toes. He’d some affairs with Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher. He got married to Joanne Whalley who’s an actress and whom they met filming Willow film. Nevertheless, he assured his supporters that he’s not enduring a throat cancer amid the rumors that he was hospitalized due to throat cancer. From his performing career that crosses over a long time, he managed to make the net worth of over 25 million dollars.