How rich is Toby Regbo?


Toby Finn Regbo is a professional English performer in addition to a musician who has appeared in various films and TV shows. He’s now 24 years old. The performer came to be in London which is the capital city of Great Britain. His career continues to be active for the last ten years, beginning in 2006. The family of Tony has is of Norwegian ancestry. Interestingly enough, his ancestors determined to compose the name Regbo so that you can replace the ever so common family name Hanson. So essentially Tony is related to all the people that carry this family name, who are around 20 or so. The grandfather on his mom was once a boat captain on an Italian cruise ship while his grandma was a ballerina in Australia. Yet, despite of different states, her mom was raised in London. When he was youthful, Tony attended the Latymer Upper School that was situated in the west part of London. The performing career of Tony Regbo began back in 2006 when he got a part on the little picture called Sharpes Challenge. Back in 2007 he got a teen character of an American secret agent in the experience show of M.I. High. Nevertheless, among his most impressing and characteristic parts, that he got was the one of Nemo Nobody in the hit film Mr. Nobody which got its prime minister in 2009. Its a science fiction play which got extremely popular. Another part which he nearly got was the one of youthful Stefan in the Disneys Maleficent production but the character was given to another performer because he was of younger age. Despite his relatively young age, Tony has an important contribution and an extensive film biography. Despite his appealing seems, he’s managed to stay from the sight of paparazzi and much of his private life remains unrevealed. He runs a Twitter account where he sometimes shares details about his private life and his profession. Its safe to say that Tony is a promising performer who’s bound to give us excellent performing later on.