How rich is Taylor Hicks?


How rich is Taylor Hicks?

Taylor Hicks Net Worth:
$2 Million

Birth date: October 7, 1976
Birth place: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Singer, Musician, Author, Songwriter, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Restaurateur
Nationality: United States of America
Movies: , American Idol, Warren Haynes

Taylor Hicks Net Worth:

Taylor Hicks Net Worth $3.5 Million

Upon winning Idol, Taylor Hicks was signed to Arista Records, under which his self-titled major label debut premiered on December 12, 2006. His dynamic stage performances and sways derived from classic rock, blues, and R&B music had earned him a following of devout devotees, who’ve been dubbed the “Soul Patrol.” Hicks is the primary Idol winner to secure a long term residency in Vegas. He started his residency at Bally’s Las Vegas in June 2012 and moved to a bigger site, Paris Las Vegas, in January 2013.

Taylor Hicks was born in 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama. Taylor Hicks is likely famous for winning the fifth season of “American Idol”. His first record, “In Your Time”, was recorded alone in 1997, three years before he moved to Nashville. The gray haired star had no fortune in the country music capital of the planet and returned to Alabama a year after when he started traveling around the south and performing. His second record fell in 2005, the exact same year he auditioned for “American Idol”. Taylor Hicks beat out Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin for the crown and located himself about the cover of “People Magazine” as their Most Popular Bachelors. His first single following the show, “Do I Make You Proud”, reach the number one position on the graphs. Since “Idol”, Hicks has released three records: “Taylor Hicks”, “Early Works” and “The Distance”.