How rich is Tammy Knickerbocker?


Tammy Knickerbocker Net Worth $200,000

Tammy Knickerbocker is a reality television star. Her net worth is estimated to be $200,000. Though she has behaved in several shows, but it may be safely said that the prosperity of Tammy Knickerbocker primarily comes from the acclaim and recognition she’s earned from one particular show. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is a reality show that’s held at Orange County, California. Bravo was seen performing in the very first series of this show. Coto de Caza, a producer based in Orange County, created this reality show. It featured lifestyles of 5 “housewives” in addition to their families. Everybody stays in McMansions. The only real exception is the homemaker Lauri Waringwho stays in a townhouse in the Ladera Ranch.

Tammy Knickerbocker was a resident of a huge house of her community. She as well as her husband faced many bad times because of business losses. Tammy Knickerbocker considers herself as an O.C. rebel. She also went for some time to the Inland Empire. Now she has returned to the town and is making an effort to get a location in the OC. She’s a divorced mom of two daughters and one son from an earlier relationship. She’s two daughters. Megan is the oldest daughter of Tammy and her youngest daughter named as Lindsey who is an endorser for an energy drink. She’s a young son named Ryley who’s now studying in the kindergarten.

Tammy Knickerbocker an American reality TV star, she’s a net worth of $200,000. Tammy Knickerbocker has brought in her net worth as one of the stars of the reality television program The Real Housewives of Orange County, which takes place in Orange County, California which airs in the Bravo Network. This show is the first and seminal installation in The Real Housewives series. This television drama was created by Coto de Caza, an Orange County Producer. Tammy Knickerbocker used to reside in among the biggest houses in the gated community, but that has been before she and her late husband, Lou, lost their bundle out of their successful company.