How rich is T-Pain?


TPain Net Worth $30

It’s been estimated that T Pain net worth reaches an amount of 30 million dollars. T Pain is mostly called a rapper, which is one of many main sources of T-Pain net worth. In addition, he’s a well known record producer and a successful performer. T-Pain got his nickname with combining to words, first of which is the initial letter of his hometown in Florida, Tallahassee. The 2nd word of his nickname describes his hard life, which he experienced while living there. When he was just three years of age, he got involved into music industry. It began when a friend of his family let little T-Pain to spend time in his recording studio. Shortly, T Pain was discovered by means of a rapper Akon, when T-Pain recorded a version of his tune called “Locked Up” with his first band “Nappy Headz”. Initially, T Pain was singing and not rapping, as he is well known for now.

In 2005, the rapper’s first record was released which was called “Rappa Ternt Sanga”. Two years later, his most successful second record was launched, that was titled “Epiphany”. The record reached the peak of the Billboard 200 chart along with the sales of it increased the entire quantity of T Pain net worth a lot. Among the very distinctive features about his singing is that during all of his profession as a rapper T-Pain has been using an effect which is known as the Auto Tune pitch correction.

In 2008, rapper’s third record was released called “Thr33 Ringz”. In addition to being a rapper, he’s also referred to as a record producer. In 2005, the rapper founded his production firm called Nappy Boy Entertainment.

The single reached the 8th position on the Billboard Hot 100 list. His career in the music business started, which raised T-Pain net worth by a mile. The second single by T Pain proved to be much more successful, that was called “I am N Luv”, also it landed in the 5th place in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, the third single of the rapper, that was called “Studio Luv”, did not set in the Billboard chart whatsoever and it was the final solo single of the rapper till now.

Auto-tune was declared dead on arrival by Hip Hop living legend Jay-Z but Tpain perhaps resurrecting it once more. Faheem Rasheed Najm a Florida native who made millions from utilizing the pitch correcting effect on tons of singles continues to make millions from past successes. He composed and produced songs for Lil Wayne, Florida, Ludcaris, Chris Brown, Plies, Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross, Ace Hood and dozens more. Since his advent with “I’m Sprung” T Pain has sold over 3 million records and 11 million singles globally. His net worth now is $40 million.

The T in T Pain stands for Tallahassee the birthplace of one of rap’s most famous hit makers. His love of music started when he was introduced to the studio with a relative who had been a Jazz artist. It lead to an insatiable desire to create and blend sounds turning them into artwork. His parents bought him a turn table, stereo and microphone and he turned his bedroom into a studio. In 2004 the 19 year old did a cover of Akon’s Locked Up which was played on local radio stations in Florida. Akon CEO of Konvict music instantly establish a meeting with T Pain and heard several first tracks he produced.

T-Pain’s mixture of rap lyrics with singing caught the eye of music’s brightest stars who flocked to Pain paying him over $100K to write and be featured on songs. He pinned the single “Blame It On The Alcohol” for Jamie Foxx which became his biggest single peaking at number 1 for 12 weeks and ‘Good Life” for Kanye West Graduation album. T-Pain also made over $1 million creating and writing Flo Rida’s Low. In fourteen days in late 2007, T Pain was featured on four top ten singles in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

T Pain went on to continue success as a lead artist with his sophomore album Epiphany selling over 1 million copies globally. In 2008 T-Pain worked with Lil Wayne to the lead single Can’t Believe It for Three Ringz. The record was nominated Best Contemporary R&B Album for the 52nd Grammy Awards, but lost to Beyonc’s I Am… Sasha Fierce. On September 24, 2009 T-Pain joined up with the iPhone company to create a new program entitled “I’m T-Pain” to allow visitors to make use of his style of Autotune in karaoke, it was released that following day. On April 1, 2013 after the announcement of T-Pain cutting off his signature dreadlocks, he pronounced the title of his fifth studio album entitled Stoicville: The Phoenix.