How rich is Stephen Drew?


Stephen Drew was born on March the 16th of 1983. He could be a professional baseball player. He’s two older siblings, Tim and J.D, who practice the exact same sport. He could be a professional baseball player. His family wasn’t quite rich; his first baseball glove was given to him by his dad, whom had discovered it on a dumpster. He grew up in the town of Valdosta in Georgia. There he attended a public school, the Lowndes High School. The school had it really own baseball team. After completing his studies there, he registered at the The Florida State University. During his years at school he played for the Florida State Seminoles baseball team. He began in Minor Leagues in 2004 when he was chosen by the Arizona Diamondbacks and had to move to Phoenix in Arizona. Two years after he joined the Lancaster JetHawks of the California League. While in there he batted. He made his advent on the league on July the 15th in a match against the the Milwaukee Brewers. In a match against the Los Angeles Dodgers he scored his first major league hit. That was in a match against the St. Louis Cardinals. He overlooked the first matches of the next season due to stomach pains. Subsequently in 2012 he endured an injury that had him out of the field for eleven months. He got a $1.35 million buy out. As a result of the team rejecting an offer in the Arizona Diamondbacks, he became a free agent. This arrangement was for a year. The next year he won the World Series alongside Michael Anthony Napoli. That same year he rejected a $14.1 million offer from the Boston Red Sox for the next season. He became a free agent like that. Two years after, he was traded to the New York Yankees. In 2014 he’d become the free agent just to later sign with the New York Yankees again a year after. In a match against the The Tampa Bay Rays he hitted his one hundred career home run. Now a days his wages is 3 million USD. This was the sport part of his biography. He’s married with his wife Laura Drew and they’ve two children together, Hank and Nolan. They celebrated their wedding in 2005.