How rich is Sean Connery?


Sean Connery Net Worth $300 Million

In the time he was young, he worked hard and finally left school to start working full time. In the age of 16 he joined the Royal Navy where he remained for 3 years until gut troubles led to his departure. He started weight lifting and finally placed third in the 1950 Mr. Universe contest. Sean shortly started working as a model and had a few little parts in theater productions. A brief four years after and among the very famous Bond men of time would be born. As the new James Bond, international success was a sure thing and he finally starred in six Bond films from 1962-1971. His long and incredibly successful film career has led us to consider his net worth is $300 million dollars (200 million pounds).

Just how much is $300 million dollars actually? In just six James Bond movies, Sean was able to kiss 18 girls. That is plenty of lip work and we could just presume he’d require lots of Chapstick to moisten those puckers. For $300 million dollars Sean could purchase 100 million televisions of the material. Or maybe Sean comprehends the worth of carrying his Walther, 380 pistol. He should, because in just six movies he managed to kill 51 individuals. Going this route would just seem sensible because as an associate of the British Secret Service, it is his job to protect us. In the end, he’s Bond, James Bond.