How rich is Samantha Ponder?


After high school, she attended The King’s College in Nyc. After moving in 2003 to Nyc, Samantha started her career as a host at ESPN Zone. There she was noticed by supervisor of ABC Ben Keeperman. He’s seen in Samantha future professional broadcaster and reporter and requested her to act as an assistant on the ABC TV for a sports show. A brief time after, she began to attend Liberty University, where she finally finished her schooling. After graduation, she started to make reports for the station Fox Network on sports events, particularly soccer and basketball games. She also was the host of Fox Sports Net and Fox School’s coverage and columnist for The principal part of her job was to create narratives about various occasions for the studio shows. Due to this work she was compelled to move to Austin, Texas for a short time. Ponder has been regularly invited to various radio stations remarking on sporting events in college football and basketball games. According to open sources it’s understood, that Samantha’s wages is 4.9 million dollars a year, and net worth 12.2 million dollars. This state let her in 2015 to purchase a high-end house in her hometown Phoenix for 2.2 million dollars. This is a tremendous villa of 8,523 square feet with a maple floors, huge courtyard and tremendous bedroom. In the courtyard of the house is a full size basketball court, where she regularly plays with her husband. Samantha’s husband, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, can also be an extremely wealthy guy. His fortune is estimated to be 10 million dollars, making them quite rich couple. Christian with Samantha Ponder have been dating for a brief time, nevertheless, their relationship has been growing so fast the couple shortly announced their engagement. Samantha said: «He began sending me messages on Twitter». Even more unusual wedding has completed this unexpected acquaintance. On the wedding day, Samantha just arrived in the airport and was wearing only jeans and a sweatshirt. After the wedding, they had dinner together in the Arby’s sandwich store and then newlyweds went home. In accordance with Samantha, she was so tired of her public life that on the wedding day she didn’t need to bring much interest.