How rich is Robert Pattinson?


Robert Pattinson Net Worth $100 Million

His dad was employed as an automobile salesman selling imported vintage cars and his mom worked to get a modeling agency. He started working as a model when he was 12 but got from the company when he was 16 and slowly turned to acting. He was with the Barnes Theatre Company when he was discovered through an acting representative. Robert got small parts in a few television films, but his first big part was playing Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter pictures. Although these films are extremely successful, he’s most known as Edward Cullen in the Twilight show that has turned him into a household name. He’s been romantically linked to costar Kristen Stewart since they met on the set of Twilight. For the very first Twilight picture he acquired a mere $2 million. The unbelievable success of the very first movie lead to substantially higher pay for all the performers, with Robert bringing in $12 million for both New Moon and Eclipse. For the last two episodes he made $25 million as well as a guarantee of a portion of the gross. This percent could wind up being millions more. Robert’s love of music cause being credited with two tunes about the initial movie’s soundtrack. Looking to break far from being stereotyped as Edward Cullen, he worked for considerably less, making just $1.5 million.

Just how much is $100 million dollars actually? If he wished to start back up with friends in a group, he could outfit 1000 groups with their gear. Travel about with his group would need a tour bus, and with his cash, Robert could purchase 413 of them. While all of this may sound just like lots of cash, do not let it make you envious. To place it into perspective, Robert could sell everything he possesses and still just manage nine private jets.