How rich is Robert Buckley?


He was given birth to in The West Covina area of California that is found in the County of La, United States of America. He also fought in The Price is Right, when he was a pupil in the School. Robert Buckley worked briefly as a consultant in economical before beginning his acting career in La. The tv show which began on the 5th of September 2006 and had a viewership of up to 1.3 million individuals. The show yet ceased airing on the 5th of December in the year 2006 after the evaluations of the series fell. She nevertheless appeared in another tv show in the year 2006 after MyNetworkTV deal signing. He also played in American Heiress as Matthew Wakefield. The show which began on the 13th of March, 2007 had 65 2 hours episodes. The 39 episodes were yet aired globally. In the film, he acted as an coming photographer who lusts after Nico Rielly – a character played by Kim Ravier. The show which had 2 seasons had a beginning viewership of only 7.5 million individuals. The tv show was nevertheless cancelled in the year 2009 due to the lots of critics in addition to low evaluations. He also acted as Cay Evans in one Tree Hill. He also starred in iZombie and 666 Park Avenue. Robert Buckley has additionally featured in several films. Robert Buckley featured as Matt in his first movie When a Killer Calls in the year 2006. He also featured in a film titled Killer Movie in the year 2007. The film endured lots of drawbacks, as it had not been featured in the theater as intended. Other celebrities in the film contain Torrey DeVitto, Leighton Meester and Kaley Cuoco. He also featured in the film titled Lifetime in the year 2008 as good as a film he co acted with Heather Locklear titled Flirting with Forty. The film first showed on the 6th of December, in the year 2008 with lots of poor reviews. The first show of the film yet had 3.6 million viewers present. Robert Buckley also featured in a film the Legend of Hells Gate: An American Conspiracy in the year 2011. He played in this film along with James Lafferty – who he played with, in One Tree Hill and Jenna Dewan. Robert Buckley doesn’t presently have a wife, even though he was rumored to have once hooked up with Jasmine Dustin. His official Instagram report is @robertearlbuckley.