How rich is Rey Mysterio?


Rey Mysterio Net Worth $8.5 Million

Rey Mysterio has forever stayed high-flying in his career as a wrestler. Starting at an early age of 15, he won several titles in the world matches. He has been honored four times using the “Greatest Flying wrestler” and also the list of awards does not cease there. For his meritorious performances, he was crowned together with the ‘most excellent wrestler’ in the year 1996 and ‘Rookie of the year 1992’, and “worst feud of the year 2008 along with Kane”. Born and brought up in California in United States of America, the masked wrestler is treated as an epitome of succeeding in the world of wrestling. While playing for the WCW, Rey Mysterio continues to be a 3-time WCW World Tag Team Champ, and one-time WCW Cruiser weight Tag Team Champion. Under WWE, Rey became a three-time WWE Champion, where he held two World Colossus Championship and 1 WWE championship. A four-time WWE Tag Team Champion, Rey Mysterio also became a WWE Intercontinental Champion twice. Wrestling has thus far stayed the lone passion of Rey Mysterio and he mints money from all of the matches His successful persona in wrestling has so far helped to produce company indirectly; hundreds of a large number of dolls of his picture get sold around the world as wrestling lovers just adore him.

His fleet of automobiles comprises BMW, Mercedes Benz, as well as other super-models in the vehicle segment. He shows off ‘Dub Latino’, which is his most favorite in the fleet of his automobiles. Besides this, he has under his possession the most high-priced bikes which he loves riding around. Although, Rey owns several properties at distinct locations in the world, his spectacular house in California makes his neighbors actually envious. The house gets the very best security system set up and all the current facilities like swimming pools and hi tech gymnasium.

Known for his hallmark Lucha Libre high flying fashion, Rey Mysterio is a professional Mexican wrestler having an estimated net worth of $8.5 million dollars. This celebrated wrestler gets $ 985,000 as his salary from various contacts with the wrestling associations. He joined WWE in 2001. Rey Mysterio really means King of Mystery in Spanish. Rey Mysterio is now married to his own wife Angie whom he dedicates his tats. The couple have two kids together, Aalyah (b.2001) and Dominik (b.1997).