How rich is Pink?


How rich is Jada Pinkett Smith?

Jada Pinkett Smith Net Worth:
$500 Thousand

Birth date: September 18, 1971
Birth place: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Height:5 ft 3 in (1.62 m)
Profession: Model, Actor, Martial Artist
Nationality: United States of America
Spouse: Will Smith (m. 1997)
Children: Willow Smith, Jaden Smith
Parents: Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Robsol Pinkett, Jr.

Jada Pinkett Smith Net Worth:

Pink Net Worth $130 Million

Her dad used his love of guitar to cultivate Alecia’s interest in music throughout her youth, supporting her fantasies to become a pop star when she was old. Music was not her first target, though. As a kid, Alecia spent 8 years studying gymnastics and initially believed she needed to become an Olympian. From the time she was 13, she was hanging out in Philadelphia nightclubs and pubs, composing songs, and singing backup for local groups. Her nickname seemingly came in the shade her skin turned when she blushed. Unfortunately, Pink’s parents divorced and her early teen years were laced with binges of substance and alcohol misuse, leading to a little rap sheet as well as a close-fatal overdose in the youthful age of 15.

Pink’s private life has had its ups and downs. In 2006, she and motocross racer Carey Hart were wed but then split in 2008, while staying buddies. Pink is now estimated to possess a net worth of about $130 million. After Choice broke up, LA Reid motivated Pink to continue a solo career. She dyed her hair pink and embraced her occasionally-nickname as her long-term stage name. Her solo album debuted in 2000, selling 2 million copies and getting three of the singles in the record in the Top Ten. From the age of 21, she had earned a Grammy for her cooperation on a bit for Moulin Rouge and then went on to make her sophomore record, which sold 10 million copies and cemented her spot on earth of pop rock. Her third album did not do as well, but following records have spurred sales, resulted in top hits, and have helped Pink to keep her place in the limelight.

Just how much is $130 million actually? During the time, she was bringing in $1 million for each concert she performed. She’s been involved using a large number of charities, including Save the Children, Take Back the Night, as well as the New York Restoration Project. She even had a failed relationship with PETA to get a short time. Considering her difficult youth, it’d be quite cool if Pink given more to drug addiction centres. She could definitely make an enormous difference supporting existing applications or by beginning her own!