How rich is Petra Ecclestone?


Petra Ecclestone Net Worth $300 Million

Petra Ecclestone’s net worth if astonishingly substantial in number, but it’s due to being a daughter of well-known billionaire Formula One exec Bernie Ecclestone. Her mom is Slavica, a well-known former Croatian model and her sister is Tamara Ecclestone.

Petra Ecclestone attended Trevor-Roberts School, subsequently Francis Holland School, a girls’ school, in London. Her profession and life’s calling, nevertheless, is that of a fashion designer. Somewhat interestingly, Ecclestone has selected to concentrate on designing menswear, citing as a reason behind this that “womenswear was overly saturated.” She’s also a self described “health nut” ever since getting viral meningitis at the age of 14. Additionally as an outcome of her viral meningitis, she’s an ambassador for the Meningitis Trust wellness organization. In the age of 19, Ecclestone began the menswear label TYPE, which closed down after 14 months in operation. In 2009, she closed a deal with all the Croatian clothing company Siscia. Ecclestone’s private life has not been purely private, as is frequently the situation with rich heiresses. Nevertheless, both she and her fiance describe themselves as “virtual teetotalers,” so she is not quite the tabloid fodder that particular other rich heiresses are. Regardless of what her future business ventures turn out to be, Petra Ecclestone’s company acumen is some thing to be respected, particularly if you think about that she had the choice to just not work in any way, thanks to her rich family.