How rich is Paula Patton?


Paula Patton is an American celebrity. She’s been seen in lots of movies like, mirrors, Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol, 2 Guns and many more. In 2014, she declared that she’s separated from her husband. Robert’s 2014 record was dedicated to her for winning his wife back. He said, on the stage he was sorry and missed her. Paula didn’t remark on his public proclamation of love. The cause for the future divorce is his never-ending list of matters. He was also coping with the accusation by a girl who said he had a relationship with her and then deceived her. Paula and Robin have understood each other for 23 years. The youth friends became lovers and got married. They were together for eight years before the parting. A day before the statement of the break, he was seen wearing his wedding ring and had not been revealing any anxiety. The sources near to him said he went to meet Paula in Canada on her picture sets to apologize. They spoke for nearly an hour or so and they determined that things will not be becoming nicely between them and they were asserting a lot. Paula never mentioned the parting, the rationale and her future strategies. Without real information regarding the basis for the parting, there are lots of gossips about infidelity. Robin additionally never remarked on the parting. There were rumors that Paula’s secret lover, Danzel Washington is the basis for the parting. It was said that he left his 31 year union life for Paula. Since Denzel failed to remark on this particular gossip, just like Robin and Paula, the real info is lost. A source affirmed that Denzel denied his relationship with Paula on a phone conversation, but, he failed to remark in public, the same. There were lots of rumors about the separation other than Denzel. But when Lana relationship came to the light, Paula was really upset with him and this began the fight, which resulted in the separation. With Robin and Paula keeping mum about the scenario, there’s no clear answer for what caused the separation. According to the information gathered, she and Robin are divided, due to an unknown motive.