How rich is Noomi Rapace?


Noomi Rapce is a Swedish actress who’s renowned for her portrayal as Lisbeth Salander in the version of the Millennium Series. She’s also seen in ‘The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest’, ‘Beyond’, ‘Screen’ etc. Rapace wed Ola Norell in 2001. The couple picked the surname as Rapace. She filed for parting from her husband in Stockholm. At exactly the same time, the career of Noomi was at its summit. Noomi needed to move to america to give an opportunity to her international career. Initially, Ola consented to move to wherever Noomi goes. Afterwards, he was unwilling to move from Sweden. Noomi got chosen for a part in the Sherlock Holmes film and needed to move to America. This caused cracks in the union. There were lots of gossips that attempted to describe to the fans why Noomi got split. Noomi denied all the rumors and said that there was no war and they determined to begin their own lives individually. She and Ola began dating when she was 21 and got married three months after. Her family considered this as an extremely silly notion. She became pregnant within two years and initially determined to choose an abortion. She didn’t need to spoil her coming profession with a pregnancy. Yet, after determined to have the kid. After their separation, there were rumors that she began dating Tom Hardy. They said that Noomi was attempting to get him better in the breakup. Gossips began to increase about Noomi being Tom’s girlfriend. In 2012, another gossip grew about her secret boyfriend, when she greeted a mystery guy on her film set. She never talked about him and denied to respond to any questions about him. She left home to begin living with her lover when she was 14. After assembly Ola, she transformed a lot and she said that Ola had not been happy to find those changes in her. It’s nearly 3 years and she’s never experienced a love affair after Ola. There isn’t any news about the way in which the dating life of Ola goes. Noomi denied every gossip about her, dating. Her relationship with Ola after the separation isn’t understood. There are not any official reports about the parting resolution as well as the details about the guardianship of the child. But, Noomi said that she’d have a smooth relationship with Ola for her son.