How rich is Milan Lucic?


He could be a Native Canadian and was born in Vancouver, BC, CAN. He was born to his parents Dobrivoje Lu?i?, who was a longshoreman by field and his mom Sneana Kesa, who was a Serbian by arrival. Milan has 2 sibs at the same time, both of them brothers. His uncle used to play Ice Hockey at professional degree and because of being close to him, he acquired an interest in the sport at really young age. He began playing the game for various clubs and teams at young age. He was playing nicely there when he was identified as having a disorder called Scheuermann’s disease. The disorder changed the bones and nerves of Milan and could have resulted in a long-term arch back for him. But he was healed of the disease and later on didn’t endure any difficulty due to the disorder. However he had to make his ice hockey career and the sport for some time due to the disorder and returned later on to play the sport. Milan is married to his current wife and his long time previous girlfriend Brittany Carnegie whom he wed in the year 2012. The couple can be said to be sharing powerful bond together and is staying together since then. According to his biography, Milan began playing ice hockey due to the inspiration of his uncle when he was studying at his high school. Yet there was a break in the sport in his profession as a result of disorder and he later on restarted his professional career in 2004 when he signed a contract with the team Coquitlam Express. He played on many matches with the team and performed nicely there. He played many minor leagues there and with a few other teams and attained some popularity there because of his performance. He went to play for the team till 2015 and became considerably popular there. He won many tournaments and prizes for his team. He’s won many awards and appreciations before such as the prestigious President’s Cup, Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy, NHL YoungStars Game, Stanley Cup winner and many more. He’s also acting on social media websites like Twitter and has got over 72k followers there.