How rich is Michael Pitt?


He mostly appears in American films and TV shows. He could be half English and half Italian ancestry. In the year 1998, he also appeared in films such as Hilife and 54, for the latter he was never credited. He portrayed the character of Henry Parker. His performance was noticed and earned him more chances. He played the part of Tommy Gnosis and his character was critically acclaimed. This also opened a door of more and better chances for Michael. He further starred in many films that were generally contentious, like Bully, Funny Games and Murder by Numbers. But his most famous performance was in the movie The Dreamers which was directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. This picture was sent in Paris, France during the student riots which occurred in the year 1968. He played the part of Matthew, who’s an educated Californian pupil and is small. During an interview, Michael said he liked to make contentious movies. He’d also stressed that he selected characters which would be commercial hit instead he needed more challenging jobs and he needed to get the audience believe. Recently, he’s appeared in the TV Show Hannibal in the character of Mason Verger but just for a few episodes. He was in this show during 2010-2011. He was nominated and won many awards for his character. He appeared in 24 episodes. He also received the Online Film and Television Award under an identical type. Though he played in just several episodes in Hannibal he was nominated for the part of best guest actor in Play. Besides playing, he could be additionally involved with Modeling and connected with Music. He’s a group called Pagoda where he was the vocalist along with lead guitarist. If we glimpse into his private life, we realize that Michael is in a very long term relationship with a model called Jamie Bochert. In 2005 he declared that he and Jamie were participated. Based on the most recent reports they may have secretly wed and it verifies that Jamie is Michael’s wife. The net worth of Michael Pitt is approximately estimated to be around $4 Million.