How rich is Mark Burnett?


Mark Burnett Net Worth $400 Million

Mark Burnett is probably most renowned for helping the popularity of reality television burst in The United States. Burnett found his experience when he read about Raid Gauloises in the La time. Raid Gauloises is a French venture contest held once annually. The contest consisted of an organization of five individuals from various nations racing in a exotic place for 2 weeks. The grueling ordeals they went through consisted of horseback riding, marathon kayaking, as well as parachuting to name some. A contest the likes of these hadn’t been found in The United States. Coming off the delight Burnett started to shop his thought about. He called it “Eco Challenge” and held it in Utah. It was shown on MTV and after appeared on The Discovery Chanel and USA network.

Mark Burnett grew up with quite modest beginnings as the son of two factory workers. Although he failed to grow up with in a rich family, it had been full of love. As an only child his mom would motivate Burnett in any enterprise he could take on. While in the military he became a section commander of the esteemed Parachute Regiment. He’d leave the military in 1982 a decorated soldier. His experiences in the service left a taste of experience in his mouth. Burnett left the military uncertain of what his next move ought to be. He eventually accepted a dangerous occupation military adviser in Central America. Mark Burnett failed to tell his mom the complete information on the occupation just that it had to do with security. That’s until he discovered himself at the La airport expecting his next strategy and his mom’s voice popped into his head. Mark Burnett listened to his impulses and with just $600 in his pocket made a decision to stay in LA.