How rich is Malik Yoba?


Abdul Malik Kashie Yoba is a famous American singer and performer. He’s known for his character as J C Williams in, ‘New York Undercover’. He could be also found in Alphas and Revolution. Yoba wed and divorced Trisha Mann, an actress and model. He’s two kids with Mann and even offers a daughter from an earlier relationship. Malik said that never understood this divorce would come so soon. There were images of him with another girl at a nightclub. There were no reports that said the precise reason behind the separation. It was said that Cat called him and said that they should be distinguished after three and a half years of union life. There was a gossip about Ashley Love that said the basis for his parting from Cat. There were rumors about him being homosexual, also. There are not any opinions from Yoba to accept or deny these rumors. In one reality show, one girl called out to Yoba and said that she’s seen him in a gay club. She close the girl by yelling at her and inquired what satisfaction does she get by bringing such matters to people. There were no details about what happened with their relationship. He’s three kids by two girls, he failed to wed. He said that he needed to get married, since he was a little boy. After his separation from some girls, he lost his fascination with the marital relationship. He once said that he’s children and contains no sorrows. He also said that he could be dating girls, but, isn’t in the mood for a serious relationship. Additionally, there are rumors that he had a sexual relationship with Michael Michelle, a costar. When asked about their relationship, he dismissed the question with a laugh. He could be full of gossips about extramarital relationship and other sexual flings. He never commented on the gossips and when asked in a interview, he generally ignores them. He’s also known for his harsh tweets to the journalists. He concurred that he sees other girls now, but, isn’t prepared to give out any names. When asked about his relationship with Terry, he dismissed the question. With the collected information, it can be reasoned that he could be single, dating, and will not wish to be tied down with a woman to begin a real and tangible family.