How rich is Luis Guzman?


Luis Guzman Net Worth $14 Million

Produced on August 28, 1956, “Luis Guzman” is a well known Puerto Rican American celebrity. Guzman is famous for his parts of sidekicks, thugs or officers. He was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico and after grown up in Nyc ‘s Greenwich Village. Initially, Luis Guzman began his profession as a social worker. Shortly he recognized that he’s some amazing performing abilities which he might attempt in delivering in the pictures. Guzman does not have a look of a leading performer. So he’s frequently seen playing the parts of officers and villian’s sidekick.

With developing a success with playing the part of policemen and villian’s sidekick, he became a favourite performer to play such characters. He’s created favorable effect on the audience through his strong performance. In the year 2003, Luis Guzman got an offer to be an integral part of short lived television comedy ‘Luis’. He taken the part such that he hasn’t done such part in his profession. With his strong functionality I the various films and television series, he was casted in 2007 HBO show ‘John from Cincinnati’. Lately, he’s showing his amazing performance in the HBO’s show ‘How to Make It in America’. From his career, he’s developed tremendous respect and applause for his superb performing abilities. As of 2014, Luis Guzman has brought in an estimated net worth sum of $14 million.