How rich is Little Richard?


He was the third son of a family of 12 kids. Richard’s dad made a living selling moonshine. Richard nevertheless, began showing signs of homosexuality at an extremely youthful age of 13 and his dad revealed much spot for his son. He was ordered from your family house and Richard and his dad’s relationship never got fixed. At the age of 19, Richard learned of his dad’s passing. He was shot at outside a local pub. After leaving home, he was welcomed by a white family possessing a club in Macon. It was here that he began performing, Richard spent the remainder of his youth days in church actions since his grandpa and two uncles were preachers. He got really involved with singing and eventually, he began learning to play the piano at the same time. Besides singing and playing the piano Little Richard appeared in movies like ‘The Girl Can Not Help It (1957), ‘Do Not Knock the Rock (1956) and ‘Mister Rock ‘n’ Roll (1957). Yet, though he became well-known in the rock music world, Richard believed more attracted towards church and in 1957, he declared publicly that he’s cease from performing rock music and has gotten dedicated to ministry and began recording gospel tunes. In 1959, his first spiritual record ‘God is Real’ was released. Nevertheless, this union didn’t take place and they became excellent buddies instead. Their union lasted just several years, until 1963. Divorce failed to take place but the couple got split, after he was detained in a gay raid, in 1963. Richard’s lifestyle was a mix of cocaine, celebrations, shows and orgies, until one day he became sick and the doctor guessed that he’s stomach cancer. Though it had not been cancer, Richard believed this lifestyle needs to change and he once again, got involved with church activities. In 2009, Richard got a hip surgery, but he still does live shows sometimes. Lately, in 2012, he fell ill once again in Washington D.C. and endured a terrible heart attack. He credited his getting over the episode to Jesus’ existence in his life that brought him through. Richard is 80 years old and the star continues to be in activity performing and recording music.