How rich is Lauren London?


Lauren London was born in the year 1984 and in the area of California and she’s a music video vixen, model and performer of American nationality. When she was attending the public school in the La region, she also began to take the play and she auditioned for the theatre parts. Even if for her last three years she did home studies, her want to perform failed to leave her. She began to appear in distinct music videos of distinct individuals. She was also in the video of Miss Independent of Neyo jointly with Gabriele Union and Keri Hilson. She appeared in the music video of What You Know of TI and it was inspired by the film called ATL and London played a part in that film. She was two hours late for the audition, but she impressed the casting team so much that she was given a part. She played as a wealthy girl who begins the relationship with the character of Rashad that was played by TI. She became a buzz within the entertainment industry and she could get a brand new character for the character in Everybody Hates Chris and later, she played in Entourage. She’s played in different films Such As The Christmas. Lauren London can also be a model and was featured on distinct magazines which contained the cover story for King, Sister to Sister, Vibe jointly with Hip Hop Weekly. She’s a spokes model for the fashion line of Sean Comb called Sean John for Girls. Lauren London has a net worth of 6 million and she’s made it through truly being a television and movie actress as well as a model. She had a relationship with lil wayne and the relationship caused an infant, a son. Yet some say that it was only one night stand. For her film ATL, she was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actress of Black film. She’s a biracial celebrity and she’s experienced relationship with a lot of people including Neef of Young Gunz group and TI after playing together, it was said the love affair also continue off-screen.