How rich is Larry Flynt?


Larry Flynt Net Worth $500 Million

LFP mostly makes sexually graphic videos and magazines, most notably Hustler. Larry Flynt, created November 1, 1942 is the owner of Larry Flynt Publications, making mature videos and magazines, most notably Hustler. Talking about his net wealth property up to now, Flynt has a net worth of $500 million where LFP comes with a yearly gain of $300 million till the present time. In March 1972, Flynt created the Hustler Newsletter, a four-page, black and white publication about his clubs.

Larry Flynt had started his career as an entrepreneur in 1965 when he chose a $1,800 from his savings and purchased his mom’s Dayton, OH pub, Keewee. He soon began making $1000 per week, and used the profits to purchase two other pubs. In 1968 he started his first Hustler Club, featuring nude hostesses who danced. Then he started Hustler Nightclubs in other major Ohio cities, and each shortly grossed between $260,000 and $520,000 per year. Together with the 1973 oil crisis Flynt needed to determine on refinancing his nightclubs or declaring bankruptcy. In July 1974, the very first issue of Hustler was released. By August of 1975 the magazine was selling more than ONE million copies per month. In 1978, white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin tried to assassinate Larry Flynt over an interracial picture shoot in Hustler. Flynt is now paralyzed from the waist down and uses an $80,000 gold plated wheelchair. In 2000, Flynt started the Hustler Casino in La, and Hustler Video film studio purchased VCA Pictures in 2003.