How rich is Lara Spencer?


Lara Spencer Net Worth $6 Million

The lovely journalist landed on world on 19th June, 1969 in Garden City, NY, U.S. She finished her schooling in the ‘Pennsylvania State University’. After finishing her college education, she became connected with ‘NBC Page’ program. Her next working destination came at CBS associated network ‘WDEF TV’ based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following annually, Lara Spencer became connected with ‘News 12 Long Island’. Spencer joined WABC TV after working in News 12 Long Island. She worked as an anchorman in the network where she covered the important news like ‘TWA Flight 800 crash’. She functioned the network as national correspondent. She got tremendous acknowledgement from working in the television show.

Spencer is, in addition, acknowledged as originator and an executive producer of prime time game show called ‘It Is Worth What?’. The show was aired in the year 2011 on NBC network. She’s also interest in interior design. To reveal her fascination with interior design, she’s even made and created two shows. Besides her work experience as television journalist, she’s also written a novel called ‘I Brake for Yard Sales’ which got printed in 2012. From her journalism career, she’s developed tremendous acknowledgement and understanding. Lara Spencer hasn’t exposed her precise salary amount in people yet. As of 2014, she’s amassed overall net worth sum of $6 million.