How rich is Lana Del Rey?


Lana Del Rey Net Worth $8 Million

Lana Del Rey is an American singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. Produced in New York, NY, Lana Del Rey, also referred to as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, grew up in Lake Placid, New York, and graduated from Fordham University where she focused on metaphysics. She began performing in coffee houses, and inside the underground music scene after her uncle gave her a guitar. She signed her first record contract when she was 20, but her album was never released, and she shifted her focus to community outreach work. In 2008, she signed with an independent label, and released an EP, and then a full-length album in 2010. She released her album, “Born to Die” in January 2012, plus it’s since reached #1 in multiple states. While the record has been popular, her live performances have now been met with disdain from many critics. Lana was notably criticized for an clumsy performance on Saturday Night Live. As of January 2014, Lana has been nominated for 2 Grammys and four MTV Video Awards.

Lana Del Rey is an American singer songwriter with an estimated net worth of $8 million. The earliest of three kids, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, also known as Lana Del Rey, was born on June 21, 1986 in New York, nyc. Lana found a love for music as a little girl learning how to play guitar and singing in the choir and by age eighteen, she was playing local New York City clubs. After her first record contract fell through in 2006, Lana continued performing in the NY underground music scene until 2008 when she released a three song EP titled Kill Kill. The singer’s first full length album, Lana Del Rey aka Lizzy Grant, debuted in 2010 to little critical and commercial success.

In 2011, Lana signed with Interscope Records and released her debut single “Video Games” to enormous internet success. Lana’s second album Born to Die, was launched in 2012 selling over five million copies worldwide and earning several top ten hits including “Blue Jeans” as well as the number one chart topper “Summertime Sadness.” 2013 garnered the vocalist two Brit Awards and several MTV Video Music Awards, as well as two 2014 Grammy Award nominations. Mentioning Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Eminem as a number of her musical influences, Lana is currently working on her new record Ultra-Violence, slated to be released in 2014. The songstress is known for her eclectic style and has appeared in a number of ad campaigns including H& M and Jaguar. Lana has been in a relationship with alternative rock group Kassidy front man Barrie-James O’Neill since 2011. The vocalist splits her time between la and New York City, where she resides together with her brother and sister.