How rich is Kelly Preston?


Kelly Preston is an American actress and model who has appeared in lots of pictures, including, twins, mischief and Jerry Maguire. George presented her with a pet pig, that has been named as Max. When they got split, he got the pig with him. She subsequently began dating Charlie Sheen of ‘Two and a half guys’ and got engaged. Her betrothal busted when he shot her in her arm. She met her current husband, John Travolta in 1987 on the sets of ‘The specialists’. This union had not been accepted in America as it was performed by a Scientology minister. Then they got married in exactly the same year in Florida. They will have two kids together. In 2012, Doug Gotterba, a pilot declared that he and John had a sexual relationship for six years. Doug said that John got him to have a relationship with him and Doug accepted initially. Afterwards, Doug needed to stop the relationship due to his weight gain. He also said that he’s a video of them jointly. John was additionally contained in lots of homosexual associated gossips and scandals. He was sued by a boat worker and a male masseur that John sexually attacked him. Kelly never commented on these rumors of her husband. It was said that they attended a counselling and the couple declared the counseling worked for them. In 2013, it was said that Kelly had intended to file for a 220 million dollar divorce. After their son died, Kelly spent four years taking care of the daughter and also had a son. Kelly intended to return to her job because she felt insecure being in the home when John was rumored to be homosexual. They intended to leave Florida and move to LA so that she can begin her career at ABC. When she got a show, John refused to move with the children to LA and told her to drop her show. Kelly labels John to be a lousy parent and asked the court for full custody. The Charlie Sheen shooting event was quite well-known in 1990. Kelly was harm on her hand and the gossip spread the Charlie shot his girlfriend. Charlie denied this rumor and Kelly also accepted that her boyfriend failed to shoot her. Charlie had his firearm in his pant and left the trousers in the toilet after the fight. Kelly said that when she picked up the trousers, the firearm fell down, fired reflexively and injured her arm.