How rich is Kal Penn?


He’s an actor, civil servant and a producer. He was born in Connecticut. His mothers name is Asmerelda and is working as an evaluator for scent in a cologne business. His dads name is Suresh Modi and is an engineer. His parents are Indian immigrants from Gujarat, India. He used to say narratives about his grandparents being part of distinct marches with Mahatma Gandhi. He went to Marlboro School in New Jersey. He attended Howell High School as a freshman. He then transferred to Freehold Township School for remainder of his school instruction. He was part of theatre production of school. In the year 2000, he graduated from UCLA with double major in sociology and picture. He’s appeared in different films like Van Wilder, The Namesake, American Desi and show of Harold & Kumar. He derived his name Kal Penn as an performing name. He kept this name to find if it helps in getting more work. His experiment proves to be successful. When he gave this name in his curriculum vitae, the offers for auditions rose by 50 percent. He uses this name just for professional goals. He received Asian Excellence Award for his performance in the film Namesake during May in the exact same year. By autumn of 2007, he joined the play House. He played the part of an intern in the show. Only after 9 days that’s on 10th May 2013, there was an announcement about Kal Penn joining We’re Mens cast. He got a position as Associate Manager in Public Engagement office of White office in 2009. He left that place on 1st June 2010 to return to acting. He finished the film “A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” in November 2010. After that, he returned to office. He was named by President Barack Obama in Nov 2013 in the Presidents committee on Arts and Humanities. Being so well-known additionally, he’s managed to keep his private life actually secret. There were recent rumors he got married in an exclusive service. His presumed wife can be said to be his longtime girlfriend. His net worth is supposed to be around $15 million dollars.