How rich is Josh Groban?


He’s been in quite several high profile relationships and last outdated Michelle Trachtenberg in 2012 after which nothing is reported about his private life. Josh apparently began dating actress January Jones, famed for her part in television show, Mad Men and for doing quite a number of parts in movies like X-Men: the Last Stand. They allegedly met at some public occasion and are said to have already been quite close since the first meet itself. The media came to know of the matter someplace around, in August 2003 and the two freely expected their relationship. Given the clean picture, Josh had and the ironically scarred picture January possessed, rumor groups began talking about the way in which the relationship would never quite work. But it didn’t quite occur and the two appeared to go well and smooth, with both their professional and private lives before they abruptly determined to break-up in June 2006, thus stopping a three year old relationship. Their representatives had, and after that said they were taking a rest but after an extended opening without news of a patch-up, it was clear that everything was over, eternally. Although, Perry was allegedly dating John Mayer back then, it was just great news for the paparazzi after both had openly valued each other and quite several fans were happy the two were going on. But it was nothing but a gossip as said afterwards, by both of them. Their relationship was largely a close one and though, rather several folks talked rather several lines about them, nothing ever came out in public except for the fact they were good buddies. Sources even indicated which they were exceptionally flirtatious while they were being photographed. They were assumed to maintain a relationship, before either of them was discovered to be in an alternate relationship, setting rumor groups in a surprising fix. Michelle had just began becoming famous with her part in following seasons of Gossip Girl. Josh and Michelle were broadly viewed as a cute couple and everyone needed them to get hitched. It was understood they had split amicably when Michelle was known to be dating pop up musician and rapper Scott Mescudi, before in 2013.