How rich is Jep Robertson?


Jep Robertson Net Worth $8 Million

As the baby of the household, he also happens to be Mrs. Kay’s favorite. His older brothers Jase and Willie Robertson do not have the same degree of fondness for their infant brother and frequently pick on him, even duct taping him to posts when the opportunity strikes. When he is not working on duck calls, you can find him recording and editing videos for the family’s hunting DVD set or playing sports, particularly dodge ball for which he competes in contests. Jep and his wife Jessica have four kids and so are both active members of the city. Jep frequently gives speeches at local churches and community centers and is always pleased to assist in almost any manner possible.

Just how much is $8 million actually? You always have the option to discover Jep Robertson sporting some wonderful athletic shoes. With $8 million he could purchase some rather amazing pairs. As a sports fan, opportunities are Jep would adore possessing an initial set of Air Jordan 1s. A signed pair, of which there are just 12, would cost him about $25,000. With $8 million he could buy all 12 pairs but still have the money to buy over 640 pairs of the second most expensive basketball shoe in the phrase, the Nike Air Mag. Obviously, if these were signed from the most famous wearer of the shoe, Michael J. Fox, the cost would be a bit more pricey than the typical $12,000 price tag. Along with his love of dodge ball, he could also begin his own team. If Jep was about the team, he could save a little cash.