How rich is Jason London?


Jason London Net Worth $14 Million

With a net worth of $14 Million, Jason Paul London is an American actor that has been a part of both television and films. Jason was born on 7th November in 1972 in San Diego, California but was brought up in Oklahoma in Texas. Jason is popular from his film “Dazed and Confused” in which, he has played the role of “Randall “Pink” Floyd”.

London has made his wealth by acting in films like Broken Vessels, Spent, Poor White Trash and others. A number of his performances have been broadly appreciated, and this has boosted his demand, thus raising his wealth. Jason has mostly appeared in rebellious pictures. His co-stars in this movie were Ernest Borgnine and Jordan Ladd.

His father is a sheet metal worker and his mother is a waiter. He has a twin brother, Jeremy London, who is likewise an actor. Interestingly, both the brothers have together worked in an episode of the television show 7th Heaven, whose title was “Smoking”. The television wed Charlie Spradling, an actor by profession in Vegas on 18th February 1997. The couple has a daughter named Cooper. Birthdays of the father and daughter autumn around the same day. Yet the couple split and eventually was divorced in 2006. Jason then married again in 2011 to Sofia Karstens. Jason was recently arrested because of poor conduct in a Scottsdale pub.

Jason London net worth: Jason London is an American celebrity who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. Jason Paul London was born in San Diego, California in November 1972. He is famous for playing Randall “Pink” Floyd in the movie Dazed and Confused. He’s got an identical twin Jeremy who’s also an actor. The twins acted collectively within an episode of 7th Heaven in 2003. Jeremy additionally was a stunt double for Jason in The Man in the Moon. He appeared in Aerosmith’s “Amazing” music video. London wed Sofia Karstens in 2010. London has a daughter with his former wife Charlie Sprading. London was picked by People magazine among the 50 most beautiful men and women in the world. London was the executive producer for 2010’s The Putt Putt Syndrome.