How rich is Hugh Grant?


Hugh Grant Net Worth $80 Million

During his school years Hugh played rugby, football, and cricket. He started acting merely to fulfill his creative side, but as time passed he found himself doing increasingly more. His first movie was Privileged in 1982. He continued to work in movie for another ten years, but contemplated giving up playing because of dearth of great stuff. By chance, among the next scripts he looked at was for the film The Remains of the Day. Two pictures after, Hugh would star in Four Weddings and a Funeral which brought in over $245 million dollars. Now, Hugh was an international star.

Hugh has had some private problems over the way, but throughout it all he’s kept his clear-cut, enchanting disposition. From his years on stage as well as in movies, we estimate Hugh Grant to be worth $80,000,000 (GBP 50,626,502).

Just how much is $80 million dollars actually? Hugh has been popular with the women and what greater method to amuse them than on your own yacht? He could purchase a 335 foot Monterey 355SY to get a just $234,395. He is really got enough cash to get 341 of them. That could be plenty of amusing, even for someone of his calibre. But, should you be envious of his cash, only believe, even Hugh could not come close to being able to manage the Lurssen $622 million Job Azzam, he had be about $522 million short.