How rich is Hugh Dillon?


Hugh Dillon was born in Ontario in the year 1963 and he’s performer and musician of Canadian nationality. He was a lead singer for Headstones in 1990s and he was additionally performer for many television shows and movies. He was in many noteworthy characters like being Ed Lane on Flashpoint and Mike Sweeny on Durham County. The group was among the most commercially successful groups of the year 1990s. After their break up, he began a brand new group called Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir that was an Indie band and it’d the style that has been drawn from new wave effects, punk, pop and country. They released the tune, The High Price of Low living in the year 2005. He released a solo album called Works Well With Others and it was outside in 2009. He was a record producer for the Canadian Rockers film called The Erasers and he scored a written composition for distinct television productions. For his performing career, Hugh Dillon began to work with Dance Me Outside with director Bruce McDonald. His other acclaimed character would be to play Joe Dick in the Hard Core Logo. That is the picture that got an eye of the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, Rolling Thunder Pictures spread the picture and also this lead to international focus. Later, he previously worked in distinct movie character including Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, Assault On Precinct 13 and Lone Hero. He was nominated to be granted the Genie Award for the Best Supporting Actor for the part he’d in Trailer Park Boys: Film. He’s also done some voice over of advertising of Canadian Chevrolet on radio and TV as well as for the Manulife one financial services. For the part, he was nominated 14 times for the Gemini award and he managed to get 5 triumphs. After leaving flashpoint, he went to function as the voice of Left 4 Dead 2 which will be a video game that originated under Valve. The precise amount of his net worth isn’t understood but it’s considered to be in millions.