How rich is Enuka Okuma?


Enuka Vanessa Okuma is a professional performer who’s now 39 years old. She’s been around the films and TV series scenes for quite some time now and she’s actively working as an actress ever since 1990 up until current years. Despite the fact that Okuma was born in Canada, she’s with Nigerian descent and therefore credited as Enuka Okuma and instead – Enuka Vanessa Okuma. Throughout the 1990s she mostly had supporting parts in both Canadian TV Series and pictures. Her introduction was in the film Double Jeopardy that was aired back in 1999. She also costarred in a number of American criminal drama series like Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye all the way from 2002 to 2005. She was also a guest star on Dark Angel along with Cold Case and Greys Anatomy. It was during 2009 when she got one important part in a hit TV series. She got to play Marika Donoso for the entire seventh season of 24, that was a truly popular and viral TV series. In the beginning of 2010 Okuma began to play the part of detective Traci Nash on the International ABC drama show called Rookie Blue. She played there through out five whole seasons and she was requested to direct the pilot episode of The Opponents. She was cast for 2 episodes. So far as her film career goes, back in 2009 she played Policeman Angie Riddic in the “Stolen” film. Despite the fact that she was born in Canada both of her parents were Nigerian. This can be the rationale for which her name is fairly unusual in the United States of America, where she spent most of her life in. Enuka was involved with an extended term relationship with her boyfriend – the musician Joe Gasparik. They met a while in Toronto where they used to work with the exact same TV series. They dated for about three years when Joe got the approval of her parents and they got engaged. Enuka can also be a supporter of social networks and she runs an extremely successful Facebook page which brings thousands of people that follow her posts. At exactly the same time she also has an Instagram where she’d already shared hundred of pictures and had managed to collect countless thousands of supporters and followers. Okuma is undoubtedly an aspiring performer that’s revealed the world of TV a good deal.