How rich is Ellen Page?


She came from the closet a couple of years back disclosing that she’s lesbian and is interested in girls. Ellen’s picture career got the important breakthrough when she played in the picture Juno which earned her acclaim and commercial success, both in insurmountable sums and she caught the chances with both hands. In her private life however, Page continues to be linked and hooked up with quite several men before she opened up about her inclination in public. They allegedly dated somewhere around, in 200607 but nothing was actually supported by any source about them to formally term them as a couple. Although they were seen together often for some time, their supposed relation gossips came into a halt when they began appearing together in public. She was then allegedly dating celebrity Sam Riley but that was after cleared off as a minor meeting where the two met and socialized through common sources where things did not quite work out as one would have enjoyed. The gossips were brushed off shortly. Another time, she dated; it created headlines in all rumor groups. Both had reported encountered after the success of Juno and were assumed to have strike off immediately and acquired a particular liking for each other. This relationship, also did not last long despite the couple being rather active in public occasions. In April 2008, her next relationship began with former batch teammate and Canadian performer Mark Rendall who were linked with her formerly also but this just found love was something new for the paparazzi at the same time. They began dating and were soon seen together at various occasions. Emile Hirsch and Ellen were regarded as an extremely adorable couple and were hooked up by gossip groups after they have been lately seen at different locations, together outwardly like a couple. They kept their relationship rather till eventually falling out someplace in 2011 when Page gave her lovers, the shock in their lives. She came from the closet to make her orientation people and began her first same-gender relationship openly with celebrity Clea Duvall who has often acted as a lesbian in quite several films, she’s acted in. The couple split shortly after. Since that time, Ellen has said her want to have a same-sex union and one would want that she does not have an untimely divorce after that!