How rich is Ed Henry?


Ed was born in Ny, on 20th of June, 1971, now residing in Mary land. Began his aircraft carrier with known columnist Jack Anderson, after in 2003, began working as a political analyst on local radio shows. He still gives as an editor in Washington, a news tabloid. In 2005 he served as a moderator in CNN. In 2006, he began covering White house and given a senior level in 2008. Out of three reporters at White House, he was just leading correspondent. Since President Barak Obama took over the office he was constant in the occupation and asked various questions during seminars and press releases, direct addressing to the President. He covered the holidays of President Obama in Hawaii with radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and was present at website when Rush was hospitalized because of chest pain. He covered Court House shooting in 2010, at Las Vegas dwell for CNN. It was circulated that Henrys contract wasn’t being revived at CNN. He additionally called his organization with Fox as welcoming and great, has no sorrows to leave CNN. In his perspective, the CNN is no close in the contest to Fox News. During the election coverage, he again leveled at CNN that Fox was unfairly being pulled down by some media folks, simply because Fox was doing an excellent job and getting popularity, although some are making rubbish statements. Henrys wife Shirley Hung is additionally connected with media world and surprise to all; she works for CNN as a producer. They both were engaged in February 2010 and wedding took place in June. In 2005, for reporting of congress from National Press he received an award for his notable work. Though Henrys net worth isn’t revealed, it’s presumed that he was also not considering renewal of his contract, because he’s bound into a high wages in Fox News. Once while questioning President Obama, which President was over looking and Henry pressed him on it Obama replied “I kept mum since I should understand what I talk, before I talk”. After referring to the quotation Henry said “He was doing his job and I was doing mine”