How rich is Eazy E?


Eazy E Net Worth $8 Million

Wright is affectionately called “The Godfather of Gangsta Rap”. He was born to Richard and Kathie Wright in Compton, California. After dropping from high school in the tenth grade, he supported himself mainly by selling drugs before investing in Ruthless Records and becoming a rapper. When Ruthless artist Ice Cube composed “Boyz n the Hood”, Dr. Dre, Cube, and Eazy formed N.W.A. In 1988, they released their most controversial album, Straight Outta Compton. The group released two more records and then disbanded after Eazy released Dr. Dre from his contract.

Eazy E was born, Eric Wright on September 7, 1963 in Compton, California. Wright dropped out of high school in tenth grade, but afterwards received his GED. He supported himself mainly by selling medications, and in the age of 23, Wright had supposedly brought in just as much as $250,000 from dealing drugs. Striving to have an improved life, he ventured to the hip hop arena where his popularity grew quickly. N.W.A. was formed when Ruthless Records signees, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube composed “Boyz n the Hood.” Eazy E’s debut record,” Eazy Duz It,” premiered on September 16, 1988 and featured 12 tracks. He went to develop an effective career with N.W.A. composing and performing hit songs, including seven of the eighteen songs on the hit record, “Niggaz4Life”. In 1991, N.W.A. started to split up after Jerry Heller became the group’s supervisor. Heller seemed to look after Eazy E’s interests ahead of another group members and Dr. Dre finally requested Eazy to release him from the Ruthless Records contract. Eazy refused as well as the impasse resulted in a heated feud involving both band mates. The fued finally led to Dre’s release from Ruthless Records, but Dre continued to assault Eazy in his track, “The Chronic”, with Eazy firing back using the EP, “It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa”.