How rich is Drew Barrymore?


Drew Barrymore Net Worth $125 Million

Granddaughter of John Barrymore, seen by many as among the best performers and directors of the 1920s, celebrity Drew Barrymore comes from an extremely respected family of the spians. Barrymore shortly started her career as a child performer and got international attention when she appeared in Steven Spielberg’s E.T., at seven years old. Unfortunately, Drew’s adolescence was marred by her struggle with drugs and booze, having started smoking cigarettes at only 9 years old. A year after she attempted suicide and was sent to rehabilitation. Luckily, the young performer got the better of her substance abuse issues and turned her life around, all of which is recorded in the autobiography she released in 1990, titled Little Girl Lost. In more recent years Barrymore’s career has been more varied and she’s also given a larger period of time to charity work. But since we estimate Drew’s net worth at about $125,000,000, she can likely afford to. As an adult, Drew Barrymore continues to be given lead characters within an impressively long record of box office successes, including He’s Just Not That Into You, Scream, Music and Lyrics, Donnie Darko and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (co starring Cameron Diaz). Several films were really made by Barrymore’s own production company Flower Films. Films like,He’s Just Not That Into You (co starring Scarlett Johansson),which only goes to show how wide her abilities really are.

Just how much is $125 million actually? In case the world was about to finish and Drew merely wished to splurge her whole fortune away in the blink of an eye, she could always buy herself a mansion from which to take pleasure in the imminent apocalypse. In the year 2012, a Miami mansion was put on the home market to get a staggering $125 million, despite a fairly horrible history. World-famous designer Gianni Versace was really shot on the mansion’s doorsill in 1997, by a now notorious serial murderer.

Instead, if Barrymore just needs a ‘little treat’ — relative to her financing, of course — then she might decide to get a $1 million dog. In 2011, that is how much a Red Tibetan Mastiff pup was sold for. Despite a cuddly look, these dogs are in fact quite big and possibly quite dangerous, which is likely why they are used as guard dogs by Tibetan monasteries for many, many years.