How rich is DJ Drama?


He shot to fame for doing the Dedication show with another contentious American rapper Lil Wayne, whose second part was rated one of the top ten mixtapes in the year, it released. Produced of parents of entirely distinct lineages with his dad being Afroamerican and mom being a European, Tyree was brought up in a environment that consisted of the inter-wining of two independent cultures. His private life has not actually been spoken about of much, by the media but he’s had a riotous time in that facet of his life so far. Although he’s only 36 year old, he’s already experienced several relationships including a failed union apparently due to his infidelity with the, then wife Summer Walker. DJ Drama apparently has two sons from a previously unknown relationship. Social media was rife with various newsgroups talking about DJ Drama’s option given his popularity and his appearances. Their relationship was not supposed to continue long. She even became the company associate of her husband and their relationship looked more professional than personal. Both were frequently seen at public events as well as posted a lot of images of themselves on their various social networking accounts. Their relationship though began looking rather great as news of Summer taking great care of Tyree’s preceding kids came out in public, largely as a result of his self-proclamation on hyperactive social media. Their married life went all till it continued but the ending was what nobody had anticipated. One would have thought that Tyree would be the one to stop ties but it did not. Instead, Summer took the measure after DJ Drama was discovered to have got involved in a scandal! The girl also asserted that DJ Drama didn’t need anybody to know about the infant and had even offered her ten thousand US dollars to abort the delivery but the girl was said as saying that she needed nothing but attention from her kid’s father and that DJ Drama should behave like a great and responsible dad. DJ Drama was also seen spending joyful vacations with current girlfriend Jessica and she even posted an picture, thanking him for the presents he’s showered on his present love. The case for the separation is being pursued in the court and everyone’s future appears to be hanging in equilibrium right now.