How rich is David Byrne?


How rich is David Byrne?

David Byrne Net Worth:
$45 Million

Birth date: May 14, 1952
Birth place: Dumbarton, United Kingdom
Height:6 ft (1.829 m)
Profession: Musician, Singer, Artist, Actor, Film Producer, Film director, Guitarist, Record producer, Songwriter, Film Score Composer
Nationality: Scotland
Spouse: Adelle Lutz (m. 1987–2004)
Music groups: Talking Heads (1975 – 2002), Atomic Bomb! Band
Albums: Love This Giant, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

David Byrne Net Worth:

David Byrne Net Worth $45 Million

David Byrne comes with an estimated net worth of $45 million. Scottish born Byrne is notable as a vocalist director, songwriter and musician. Now residing in USA and is referred to as the founding member of American new wave band titled “The talking heads”. He was part of Rock & Roll hall of fame and had received the prestigious Grammy Award. Byrne was born to an electronics engineer and had two sibs. He had interest in music from his childhood. Byrne began his music career in 1975 by pairing together with his school-mate Mark Kehoe. They co-created songs like “96 tears”, “April Showers” and “Frank Sinatra”. After some time he teamed up with Chris Frantz and formed a new group called “Talking heads” which was afterwards joined by Jerry Harrison. He is well known for his hit songs like “And She was”, “Burning Down the House” and “The road to nowhere”.

David Byrne is a Scottish-born musician with a net worth of $45 million dollars. Produced May 14, 1952 in Dumbarton, United Kingdom, David Byrne is best known as the founding member and principal songwriter for the new wave band Talking Heads (1975-1991). Since then, Byrne has released solo recordings and worked with various media including film, photography and opera. Then has received Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe awards. The Talking Heads got their very first gig in 1975 and released eight studio albums before going into hiatus in 1988. A brief reunion for a single Sax and Violins in 1991 happened before the group again broken up.

Byrnes released several solo albums and also toured with English musician/composer Brian Eno. Byrnes also scored music for theatre productions, founded the music label Luaka Bop (1990), founded an internet radio station (Radio David Byrne) and released a sketchbook called Arboretum in 2006. He’s been romantically linked to singer and dancer Toni Basil and ballerina and choreography Twyla Tharp. Byrne and Lutz divorced in 2004. Byrne later became romantically linked to art curator Louise Neri, followed by way of a relationship with artist Cindy Sherman (2007-2011). An active cyclist, Byrne designed a string of bicycle parking stands in 2008. In the year 2012, the active cyclist went participated in a collaborative record with American vocalist St. Vincent called Love This Giant.