How rich is Dallas Clark?


Dallas Clark Net Worth $12 Million

Dallas Clark retired from football in June, 2014, as an Indianapolis Colt even though he’d not played for the team in over a couple of years. Clark signed a one day contract to return to the team that selected him as a #24 pick in the very first round of the NFL draft and made him the highest paid tight end in football, only so that that he could retire in the team that made him a star. Both his brothers, Dan and Darrick, played football in the collegiate level at the same time. Dallas Clark started his school career in 1999 in the University of Iowa as a linebacker, but failed to make it right into a game during his freshman year. Following the red-shirt freshman year, a year after, he played special teams and made six tackles as a linebacker.

His career took a serious turn for the better when a trainer transferred him to tight end. In 2001, he played 10 matches as tight end and special teams, including returning an onside kick to defeat Penn State. He caught 38 passes for 539 yards and four touchdowns. But it was during his senior year that Dallas Clark started to shine. He received the John Mackey Award as college football’s greatest tight end and then, despite having a year of college eligibility left, he elected to join up with the 2003 NFL draft. His rookie year he played 10 games and had 340 yards receiving before suffering a busted leg. In the 2006 Super Bowl tournament triumph, he caught four passes for 36 yards and rushed for 1 yard, helping the Colts procure their very first Super Bowl victory in Indianapolis. His 2010 season was cut short by a wrist injury as well as the harm regaining coupled together with the lack of Peyton Manning led to some lackluster 2011 season. He was released by the Colts in March, 2012. Clark played the subsequent two seasons at Tampa Bay and Baltimore respectively and then picked for the one day contract with all the Colts in June, 2014, to retire as an associate of the team that made his career.

Throughout that career, Clark amassed a net worth of about $12 million. Just how much is $12 million? In 2011, Clark played a San Diego police officer in a episode of the drama Criminal Minds. With $12 million, Clark could finance the wages of a rookie San Diego police officer for the next 260 years.