How rich is Clinton Ton Jones?


Clinton Ton Jones Net Worth $1.5 Million

From a young age he had an extreme interest in most forms of weapons. In 2005 Short Ton found auction hunting for precious things and immediately recognized his backdrop in gathering could make him enough cash to do it full time. Along with weapons, Ton is knowledgeable about old and rare coins along with jewelry and stone. Short Ton works using a partner, Allen Haff, plus they make rather an excellent team as they can be both educated in various places. They started out as rivals, but when Ton was getting willing to throw out what he believed was old dishes after an auction, Allen was appalled and made a quip about the amount of money they might bring. Short Ton consented to let Allen have the dishes for half of what Allen sold them for and in just a week Allen given him $1,500. It was afterward that Ton saw the possibility of these working together.

Short Ton additionally works with reptiles, bobcats, and mountain lions. He adores exotic creatures and appreciates saving and rehabilitating them. Just how much is $1.5 million dollars actually? Short Ton clearly has a huge heart and we could just estimate how much he gives to his favourite creature charities. However he also adores the UFC and hates to miss a fight, so we are thinking he may need to put money into a Yalos Diamond 46″ television set. With 160 actual diamonds embedding in it, it may also function his awareness of stone knowledge. For the affordable cost of $140,000 Ton could possess 10 of them and look at two of his loves at the same time.