How rich is Briana Evigan?


Her mothers name is Pamela C. Serpe who was also a dancer, performer and a model. Her grandparents are from Poland and Italy so she’s a tradition of Polish and Italian. She’s 2 older sibs. She’s learnt dancing since the age of 9 years. She earned degree for language and communicating in the Valley College at La. She’s been seen in TV series and films like “Fear Itself”, “Something Sweet”. “Bottoms Up”. Her primary purpose was in the film “Step Up 2: The Streets” in the year 2008. This picture was sequel to the film “Step Up” which arrived in the year 2006. Although the film got poor reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, nonetheless, the picture was hit at Box Office. This film was also a sequel to film “Donnie Darko” which came in year 2001. Her film “Sorority Row” premiered on 11th September 2009. This film was composed by Josh Stolberg and the manager of the film was Stewart Hendler. The film started at number 6 on box office. She was very well commended for her performance. The DVD for the film premiered on 23rd February 2010. She made an statement in the month of February in 2009 about her part in remake of the film “Mothers Day”. The film was eventually released on DVD on 8th May 2012. She played the lead character of Kelly Taylor in the film “Burning Bright”. She was seen in the film “Subject: I Love You”. She declared in 2011 that she’ll be working with her family in a TV series. Nevertheless, there is no evidence up to now. She represented her part of “Andie West” in the fifth film of Step Up show. After she was seen in the character of Jude who’s a heterosexual girl in the film “Love is all you need?”. She is going to also been seen in the TV Series “From Dusk Till Dawn” after in 2016. She’s experienced relationships in her life. Yet there isn’t any news of her being married or about her latest boyfriend/husband. She’s a typical height of 165 cms. She’s posted more than 2000 times on Instagram. She’s few tats on her body which she takes extremely nicely.